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@MrsJungHoseok thank you for encouraging me to try this! :D *Pitter patter, pitter patter* The sound of the rain hitting against the window pane makes me miss those days. My heart longs for those days and wishes that they would still come. But the faint beating of my own heart knows the truth and that truth is that I may never have those days again. It seems just like yesterday, when on a day like today I met someone who would turn my world upside down and I his. As I look outside the window, the memories from that day come flooding back to me with such an overwhelming force that it nearly knocked me off my feet. *Memory Flashback: 3 Years Ago* "Breathe. Just breathe (Y/N). Everything will be alright." I wanted to wholeheartedly believe that everything would be okay, that nothing would or could make this day any worse than what it already was. After sleeping in way past the time my alarm goes, missing my first class of the day and being late for work ..... *Sigh*. "Just hang in there (Y/N), you are almost there. You just need to pass this last interview to get the job, the one position that can help you get to where you want to be. A creative art director. Your true dream job and this moment will help define how the rest of your life will turn out." All you have ever wanted to do was to show what you were made of. The visions that you had for different music videos and artists. You studied so hard and worked just as hard. Looking outside of the window as you sit on the bus waiting for your stop to arrive, you notice the clouds starting to roll in. There was no mention of rain at all for today and as usual you were unprepared. As you pull up to the stop, you notice you have one hour left until your interview is to take place. As I walk inside the company, the only thing I feel is nervousness. This interview is different from the last two. This time it will be a 2 part interview with a special request made one member of the panel to each interviewee. They had asked that we bring a pair of extra clothes. I walked into the first part of the interview and bowed before the panel and took my seat. I nervously and anxiously awaited for the first question and I though the nerves were going to go away but they didn't. Then it begins.... "Please state your Name/Age/College or University you attended" "My name is (Y/N) and I am (your age) and I attended (school of your choosing) "Tell us why you think you should be considered for the Assistant Creative Art Director position. "Sir, I'm not going to give you the usual 'I'm better than all other candidates' speech. I am one of a kind when it comes to directing videos in a creative atmosphere. I don't just listen to the music but I feel the music so that I am better able to express the song the way the artist intended. I see and feel every angle of the video and also gather input from the artist them self. I create art that anyone would be able to relate to, but I also believe that I could better learn to perfect my craft by studying under some of the greatest creative art directors of our time"
*Deep breath* Oh man, what was I thinking when i said that, as I mentally face palm myself and sit in silence while the panel of judges just look and whisper amongst each other as if I just gave them the worse possible answer. "(Y/N) do you believe that you have what it takes to work for this company and to make it as an assistant creative art director?" "Yes, ma'am I do believe that I have what it takes to work for this company. I am extremely hard working and I always push myself to do better than the next and to outperform myself each time I have a new project." *They all look and shake their heads and nod* "(Y/N) as you know we asked that you bring an extra pair of clothes that were comfortable to change into for a special part of the interview." You nod in agreement. "As you know being a creative art director means you must have a special talent for also being able to think on your feet in a tight situation, looking at your resume we saw that you used to choreograph dances. Could you please change into your clothes and perform a dance number of your choosing?" "Okay, I shall be right back" As I walk down the hall to the nearest changing room, my heart begins to pound loudly. 'I wasn't expecting this. I have no music ready and now what am I supposed to do? God please help me?' I begin to change into my clothes and ready myself for a do or die performance when I start to hear this noise hitting the roof. *Pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter patter* It has finally begun to rain and to be honest I don't know how I feel about this. I have never had any sort of luck whenever it decided to rain because bad things always tend to happen. Maybe, maybe today will be different. I walk back and then have this brilliant idea to remedy the music situation. I go back into the interview room and make a request. "Excuse me ladies and gentleman, but I do have a sudden request for this portion of the interview. May I please ask that you all walk outside with me in the rain as I perform my dance piece." They all begin to look at each other and nod their head in agreement to come outside with me while I performed outside in the rain as my final portion of the interview. The butterflies were beginning to take effect as we walk outside into the rain. I'm sure they are all thinking that I must be crazy, but they did say that they wanted to someone to be able to think on their feet. "For my final portion, I'll be dancing in the rain. As you can see the rain itself creates its own musical rhythm with every item that you see around you. All the sounds are different from the way someone walks in the rain to the way that it hits a building. So the music I will be using today, will be that of the rain and the noises from the surrounding areas." They all looked stunned and shocked that I said that I was going to use the rain as my musical background along with the regular city noise. I take the deepest breath of my life and I look around for the perfect position, and I see these set stairs that are perfect for what I want to do. I run over to the stairs and see a man sitting on them in the rain with a black hoody on. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize anyone was over here." He just keeps his head low and answers in one of the sweetest voices I have ever heard. "Did you need something?" "Oh... ummm... I.. uh needed this for a part of my interview but I can leave and go somewhere else." He doesn't say anything and he doesn't even bother looking up either. He just nods his head as if to say it was okay to just the steps and he just kept sitting there. I don't know, but this man made me nervous. There was something about him that just seemed.... I don't know. 'Ugh.. get it together (Y/N), you still have work to do to pass this test. Make it count. You got this!' you said to yourself as you prepare. You wave to the panel members to let them know that you're ready to begin and so you do. I just close my eyes and listen. Not just with my ears but with my heart and my head. I can hear everything so perfectly, the way the rhythm is flowing together and the pattern that it makes. I begin to move to the sounds as I also imagine the rain being combined with a nice hip hop beat. As I move my body to the rhythm, I lose all sense of self and just let go. I stomp my feet in the rain to give it an extra emphasis as I slide the other foot against the pavement. The whole time I was just moving and eventually the people walking by stopped to see what was happening. Even the the mysterious guy on the stairs seemed intrigued. *Yes, I think to myself. It's working and everyone seems to be enjoying what I was doing.* I did a couple more moves while using the stairs to my advantage and as I was sliding down the railing of the stairs, I lost my footing and almost fell but before that could happen I did a front flip right off and landed perfectly as if I meant to do it. As I continued to move, I felt this other presence next to me and behind me. Moving with me to the rhythm and maintaining the same pace as me. It was like it was a kindred spirit who didn't interrupt me but instead made me better. As I turned in the rain, I noticed that the person who was dancing with me was the man from the stairs. He didn't look at me, instead he took me by the hand and grabbed my waist as he turned me and he turned with me for a complete move. It was like we were on a see-saw, we did the exact same movement but at different times to create this ripple effect. We didn't say not one word but just danced. For the last movement, he twirled me and I did the splits while still holding his hand as though he dipped me. Applause erupted from everywhere and looking out of the corner of my eyes even the panel members looked happy. As I looked up, I couldn't believe my eyes. My jaw dropped open and my eyes got so big. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, let alone who I was seeing. I looked straight at him as he stared at me and gave a quick smile. He helped me up by my arm and steadied me by keeping his hand on my waist. I was so speechless, that words could not express how I felt. "I couldn't help myself, I had to join you. You seemed so free and I wanted to feel that same feeling. So thank you, and I hope you get the job!" Before I could even say anything he walks away and disappears in the heavy rain, leaving me standing their alone, with my hands drooping down by my sides. I got so lost in his trance that I didn't even notice that the panel members had approached me. All I could think about was that handsome man who helped me out and will I ever see him again........ *Who was the mystery man *Did you get the job The let adventures begin
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