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Got7 team:
I go over to his table, he was sitting with JB, Yugyeom, Youngjae and some other guy named Junior. They all stare at me and then at Jackson. He looks at me and smiles telling me to go to the hallway and wait for him. I do as he said but with an irritated look on my face. I wanted to talk to him, to become friends at least... maybe that way things wouldn't be so awkward between us.
I wat a minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes. Goddamn how long does it take him to come. I was very annoyed now and started walking away until I was grabbed by the arm and brought close enough for our breaths to be felt close to each other. Jackson quickly inches away and I could tell he was blushing, blushing..... seriously he was blushing. He gives me a kind look, compared to mine which just looked plain paranoid.
"What?, it was only a couple of minutes.... yugyeom wouldn't stop talking. Why did you want to talk to me, actually why do you even WANT to talk?"
"As if I can't. Listen, I know our "relationship" isn't at it's best moments right now or really a relationship, but I wanted to see if maybe, just maybe you would want to hang out later.... you know as friends, fam."
"Fam?, you're calling me family now?, but I will accept the offer. Besides I barely know you so it will be good to know each other."
"Okay then I'll see you at 6pm charp?"
"Sure, yeah. I'll be in the school parking lot."
For indespicanble reasons, I actually felt excited about hanging out with him. To be honest, he seems like a really cool guy unlike what other people like to call or think of him. I leave the house wearing just a casual outfit: jeans, timberlake boots and a plain black t-shirt with a beanie. I walk down the street and thought of what Jackson could be wearing, maybe a casual outfit like mine or something far more "swaggie".
I look around the parking lot and I didn't see him, maybe he didn't come at all. I wait until I feel a pair of hands moving around my waist. I turn around in fear and looked at the tall guy behind me, it was Jackson. He didn't look too bad or should I say playboy-ish. He looked more simple than exaggerated.
"Never do that again"
"I wanted to scare you and I see that by my calcutations..... I was right"
"Calculations my ass. How long does it take you to be here? honestly I've been waiting for 40 minutes."
"Sorry, my sis was being... well.... sisterly. But, where do you want to go?"
"We can just eat and have fun. Maybe we can go board skating."
"You board skate? I mean, you always look so mature I thought you weren't a fun-like person."
"I can be fun if I want to is just that I don't want to."
We go to the skating area and hop on our rented boards. Jackson looks like he knows what he's doing and examines the area to know what he's going to do to impress me. He made eye contact with me and he smirked.
"You wanna go first?"
"Nah, you can go."
"Have you ever tried cross board skating? is when you hold another person and skate together while holding on to each other."
"Um, I'm not so sure I want to do that"
"Oh come on, it wont hurt you."
He grabs my hand tightly and pushed me down with him. We go back and forth together while still holding hands and whooing, laughing and yelling. Then, my skate board flips and I fall on top of him. He grunts on the ground and then looks at me with a quiet expression. He stares at my eyes and then at my lips. I didn't know what I was doing but I put my hand on his face and looked at him.
"Your eyes are very pretty, I should stare at them often."
"Your... your"
He brings his face closer to mine and I could feel his breath on my nose. I smile weakly and then closed the gap between us. Honestly, I didn't care about what I was doing, I wanted this and I could tell he wanted it too. He holds my neck lightly pushing it down to bring me closer to him. He whispers and says: "Why am I doing this?"
this is really good. is there going to be more? ☺
@UnnieCakesAli ..OMG! you know how to turture me.with this fanfics..hahah..here we go again..hahha
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oh my gosh this is good!!!! lol must make them kiss πŸ’
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