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This is a card to celebrate some of the most amazing dancers of the kpop world for this week's dancer week. Please enjoy!!!!

Kai from EXO

The amazingly, sexy, Kai from EXO. We all love his intimidating stares and his sexy lip bites. But he can also be very lovable and adorable!! And his body rolls....!!!!

Sehun from EXO

He's a dancer and he does such adorable aegyo!! How could nobody love this adorably, smexy, attractive... Sehun from EXO!?

Lay from EXO

Give it up for the dancing unicorn of EXO, Lay!!!! He's super adorable and he does some of the silliest things that makes us all laugh. But how could we forget that he's also an amazing dancer!!?

Jimin from BTS

Now for some Jimin from Bangtan Boys! The bias wrecker who can't stay in his lane (or keep a shirt on) whenever he's doing one of his sexy dances!!

Taeyang from Big Bang

The title for the sexy, body rolling god of Big Bang is the dancing machine, Taeyang!!!! Let's show some love to Taeyang (and his abs)!!!!

Youngmin from Boyfriend

Now to the dancing twin of Boyfriend, who is the one and only Youngmin!!!! He's an amazing dancer, adorable, and a twin!? Who couldn't love this squishy!?

Zelo from B.A.P

And the dancing Maknae of B.A.P is Zelo!! I mean, is he even human!? Have you seen him dance in One Shot???? That boy is a dancing beast!!!!
And to all the other dancers of the K-pop world!!!! We love your body rolls and your sexy lip bites! Thank you for working so hard and being so sexy!!!! I hope I'll be able to dance like you guys some day ^-^
I love you for this OMG!!! Thx @CrookedShadow
Oh my god Lay (灬♥ω♥灬)
@CourtneyNance16 Hehe, no problem ^-^