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Cute Yugyeom although his the baby.. he doesn't do much Aegyos. .haha...Bae is the expert on that..haha. .

Playing with Eomma. . and the last picture that was when they pranked him so bad he really belived it.. aaaw poor baby.. Those Hyungs are soooo sooo bad..

YUGYEOM!!! what you doing boy??! hey that's rated R.. somebody stop him...haha.

who did this to the baby.. I bet it was Jackson?! or BamBam?! that other mischievous (evil) Maknae. haha

aaaw poor baby someone needs to feed him look his food fell out his hand.. Eomma!!!

hey!! Yugie?! don't be disrespectful to Appa.. cause you will get it.. don't you know your father already.??! hahaha.

look at JB running after him..too funny