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We can ship ship anyone we want, right? Well, in honor of their 10th anniversary and the fact that we are all sad :( I have decided to ship ALL OF THEM.
Yes. This is a BigBang ship. Alllllll aboard!
The old days.
Love Song from them to us.
What? You were expecting Fantastic Baby?
We got Love Dust (사랑먼지) with G-Dragon in the creepy jacket!
And Now...
Bae Bae (live)
This is actually making me sad so I'm going to end this here.
Yes, BigBang I love you too.
Until we meet again...
.. Stay away from that dinosaur!
WWWAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I want to cry now !!!!!
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but u still somehow managed to crack me up... as u just found me another GD style that I have never seen... what was with that flower jacket? 😅😅😂😂 love him! but sans the sleeves pls. hahaa
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@katyng52 Yea, it's by a designer named CRINGEWORTHY.
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