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Today is YumYum's special day today! So let's make sure we celebrate this cutie pie by making cards for him! If you make a card be sure to tag me and the rest of the GOT7 Team in them so we can clip them! Let's get started
YumYum is always smiling and being cute! I really love seeing him with flowers in his hair because it just adds to the cuteness!! Plus i really liked his hair in the Just Right video, look at those crinkles!! ❤
Not only does he have a cute side but he also has a sexy side. ...which i might add that I am never ready for ...look at those side glances he is giving us. Wea...wea are you doing this to us Yum Yum ...just stay in your lane
Here are two gifs I found of YumYum. The first one as you can see he is just having fun with his hyungs. The second one is from the V app ..he got a marriage proposal , which eomma Junior says no to because he has to grow some more.
*The characters of this story are the reader and Yugyeom * You stand in the mirror giving yourself one last look. You smile looking down at the knee length black dress you have on. It was a gift from your boyfriend Yugyeom. He had come by earlier in the day to surprise you with the dress telling you that he wanted you to wear it tonight for your date. At first you were hesitant to accept his gift but looking at yourself now in the dress you realize you made the right chocie. You look down at the clock. ..6pm he said be here any minute now you say to yourself as you head downstairs. The doorbell rings and you quickly rush to the door to open. There in your doorway stands Yugyeom he has on a black sweater and a red button up underneath. He looks you up and down and then smiles making your heart flutter. "See Jagi, I told you would look good in it" he says taking your hand in his. You blush and playfully push him beforeyou get in the car. ~10 minutes later~ Yugyeom opens the door for you and you realize no that he has bought you to downtown Nashville. You remember a while back that he had told you that he had always wanted to come here and see the bridge. You both look at each other and smile almost as you two were just thinking about the same memory. He takes your hand in his and you two start your journey up and across the bridge. You stop half way across and go to edge to look over. "It's so beautiful, look at the way the water touches the lights" you say as you point to the water. You feel his warm arms snake around you pulling you close to him. "Yes it is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you are". You feel your cheeks heat up as you turn and look at him. He leans down and rest his forehead against yours. You reach your hand up to stroke his cheek "You are so chessy but i love you so much" you say. He pulls you closer and brushes his lips against yours "I love you too".
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😊😊😊😊 i love going to this bridge with u and ken. 💙💙💙💙
I loveeee this card 💙💙💙💙