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Song shuffle
Thanks to @bryyyaanna for tagging me. I originally just commented on her post with my answers.
1. My Girl - B.A.P. (Die as their girl?) 2. Skool Love Affair - BTS (oh my...) 3. Hello - NU'EST 😊 4. Propose [in my pants] - BTS (not sure how I feel about this....) 5. Cafe - Big Bang 😐 6. Albatross [with a shovel and screwdriver] - B.A.P. (What?!) 7. Cypher pt. 2 - BTS 8. Today - B.A.P. (I'm totally okay with this!) 9. On The Snow - EXO 10. A Fool of Tears - Big Bang (I already do this...)
I decided to try again to see if I could get more that made sense.
1. Baby Good Night - GD & TOP (please tell me that they don't kill me....) 2. Action - NU'EST 3. Crayon - G-Dragon (definitely okay with this 😊) 4. Ain't No Fun [in my pants] - Big Bang (😐 I feel so awkward....) 5. Loser - Big Bang (well then.....) 6. Like [with a shovel and a screwdriver] - BTS 7. Boy in Luv - BTS (someone is in love with me?! Shock!) 8. Please - FTISLAND (oh sad....) 9. Drip Drop - Taemin (this confuses me...) 10. Do You Know Why? - FTISLAND (ok I'm gonna go cry now....)
Feel free to put your answers in the comments or tag me.
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