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Groups That Need More Recognition: Part 3

Third Group: Heart B Heart B stands for Heart Ballad, they are a ballad vocal group. To further support this group subscribe to their YouTube Channel here. Members: (4)
Name: Kim Jin Wook Stage Name: Jinwook He is a vocalist. He was born in 1994.
Name: Kim Seok Gyeon Stage Name: Chanyoung He is a vocalist. He was born in 1995.
Name: Lee Do Ryeot Stage Name: Dojin He is a vocalist and the Leader. He was born 1995.
Name: Im Gyeong Man Stage Name: Byulha He is a vocalist and the Maknae. He was born 1997.
-- This week @jiggzy19 has chosen the groups to post about! -- Does anyone love Heart B? They are really good and deserve more credit! Who is your favorite member? -- Also if you'd like to be tagged in these posts please let me know in the comments! -- Check out last Wednesday's card here. Next update should be in two days! Look forward to the Underrated Girl Group coming up!
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