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This game was created by my thunder buddies @sarabear1021 and @khrystinalee I've been waiting for this one!!!!! *fingers crossed* No Dongwan No Dongwan
Thank Goodness!!!! I was afraid I would end up with Dongwan and if that happened, we'll that marriage would be annulled in a year. That marriage never be consumated and we would live separately.
That's very different. But then again what would a expect from a man he wears chicken suits and acts like a 7 year old.
I think would get lost in that. It's super cute but good gracious that's a lot of dress.
Well that absolutely matches the dress. The only thing not adding up at this point is the ring.
The dance floor is perfect. I expect some very nice choreographed moves from Shinhwa's own Lee Minwoo. But really how many guests are we expecting.
Hahaha that's not bad I guess. The bed is big enough. Eric please don't go trying to slide down that bed post. that would be highly amusing and in your character.
WTF is this a fairy tale. Why do I always end up with this ridiculous houses that make no sense. We can't have any kids living here. I'm getting my tube tied.
4?!?! 4?!?! In that house? Everybody in bunk beds in one room. There problem solved.
that looks like a home that i would buy and pretend to live in when i have to invite people over that i hate. Problem solved, ill never see them again
Lmao Eomma! 😂
I'm done
@ashleyemmert me neither. I live elsewhere. could you imagine the nightmares that would occur just by looking at it
Oh Jesus I a incoming over to that house
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