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First I want to start with this, its really cool and brings back memories
This is naruto in the last as you can see his markings look different from before (4th shinobi world war) He's lost his coat or w.e the lines on his face that look like whiskers got thicker and the style of the markings on his clothing are different.
This is naruto in gaiden, his chakra form changed again and looks way different, this time most of his (shirt) is black and his circle is complete from before and the black dot in the middle of the circle widens and his coat looking thingy looks like if they were chakra arms.
Last but not least theirs this one. Narutos chakra mode in Baruto: Naruto the Movie it changes again, this time it resembles narutos chakra form in the last but, their are still differences just like in the feet and in the stomuch area.
Ive heard people say that he changed a lot because he changed his clothing but I dont thinks thats it. Ive also heard people say that his six paths senjutsu combined with kuramas chakra. And that in the last his markings changed because both parts of kurama were in him and im really confused probably it is true then in gaiden he has the other half of kurama mastered making him change again and in the last probably the six paths senjutsu did combine with kuramas chakra . But if anyone knows can you please explain. Just comment down here ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
I still love when he first used the nine-tails chakra in his fight against Sasuke in his cursed seal form. that one-tail naruto brings back all the memories
I love them all. ❤️ he's such a beast in Boruto for sure tho. 😍
personally I think his best is the one at the top