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So Ive decided to to do the GOT7 Challenge as well! Im super excited and I hope lots of others will join and do it as well!If you do decide to do it then make sure to tag me and my team so we can clip them as well! So let's get started! Day One: Who is my ultimate bias and why?
So my ultimate bias is of course Im JaeBum!!!! It is so hard not to love him i mean look at that face!! Look at his beautiful smile, he just lights up my world when he smiles and I found myself smiling like am idiot!!
Im JaeBum is also my ultimate bias because he is too sexy to even put in yall have no idea how disrespectful I think he is sometimes. ..especially when he showing off those arms of his.
His eyes also get me...they are soooo freaking intense he is always playing with my life.
But I think the thing I love most about him is that he is a wonderful, loving and devoted Leader to the boys of Got7! He is always taking care of them and makes sure they are having fun,and working hard! Im JaeBum you have my heart! I love you
@Maddie27 Everyday, Forever love but this one is just JB singing by himseleve , Forever young, Gimme, I like you, Shes a Monster, Tic Tic Toc, When I cant sing this one is a JB cover for when he did Dream High2. Those are just ones I remember right now.
This is a great card @AaliyahNewbell😁 I just started listening to got7💕 & was wondering what songs to listen to next?
@SusiBosshammer Thank you! And he is always playing with my heart
Yes!! this card slayed! I get it my husband is so disrespectful, he has no respect for others wellbeing! Seriously sometimes its just too much for my heart!