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*This is just a fanfic and I believe Jin to be the sweetest person ever. There he was happy and you, devastated. It had only been a month and he was already smiling with her. Jin was your world and you sacrificed everything you had for him, in the end he just broke your heart and in the worst possible ways. How? by cheating on you. ~~Flashback~~~ I've been sitting here waiting for him to comeback home but he hasn't and it's already 1 AM! So I have decided to go look for him in his dorm. "Jin oppa!" and no sound so I decided I should wait for him in his room. As I enter I start to tear up, I see Jin and another Idol from a recent girl group making out in his bed. Barely audible I managed to say one thing only, "why?" Jin and the girl look up. Jin stood up to only say one thing that broke my heart,"Get Out!" I didn't want to look like a bigger fool in front of that girl as I already have embarrassed myself so I just ran out without looking back. ~~~End~~~ He said she was only a friend who he was helping since she had just debuted, what a fool am I for believing this. After the incident Jin came home and took his belongings and said, "Pathetic, that's why we can't be together." That was the last time you both had spoken face to face. You were a make-up artist and had been working for BigHit that's hoe you met Jin. Your contact was about to expire and you were looking for a new company since you didn't want to have any more encounters with Jin. Sadly you couldn't find one so you stayed with BigHit. There were new employees and new trainees and you hoped to get switched from the BTS group, but sadly you didn't. There standing was Jin and his new girlfriend along with the rest of the members. They were looking at you with an apologetic face. They were currently introducing the new members for the team such as choreographers and manager's. They would be making a comeback soon and needed to star preparing for it. The manager decided the team should get to know each other better so they set us up in pairs while preparing the boys. I got teamed up with a foreigner choreographer so I could help him adapt to my luck we had to see Jin every day. "all right everybody my name is Justin and I will be the choreographer for the song 'Run'( by the way just pretend ok☺) I'm sure you know my lovely, beautiful assistant miss(Y/N). So let's get started." As they did their thing Justin who I got close to was standing next to me watching them practice and started flirting with me and out of instinct I did as well.The music had stoped and Justin dismissed them to go rest then turned to me. "Y/N would you like to go drinking with me after we get cleaned up" That had totally taken me by surprise so I just agreed. "Sure, do you want to meet somewhere after and go together or just meet you there?" "Let's meet at the lobby in 30 minutes " "ok" After he went to the locker room Jungkook came to me. " are you dating Justin?" "No were just going for drinks" I said innocently "Be careful Y/N remember your not good with drinking" "ok, I will" "I mean it Y/N he's new here we don't know what he's like" "He seems like a good person Jungkook, don't worry I'll be fine" "ok bye there waiting for me" "bye" Justin seems like a nice good person the worst I could get is another Jin.
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