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Here I am with another card! I will be updating Groups That Need More Recognition later tonight! You can check out the first card in that series by clicking above^.
But I figured why not start this series of cards too. That way I can name a few non-title tracks that are good enough to be a title track or are just good anyways.
This post will include any groups, underrated or popular!
GOT7 - Mine
This song was featured on the Just Right EP and boy can I say that the song really stuck out to me on the album.
What about you?
Bangtan Boys - Hold Me Tight
This song was featured on The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1. The vocals in this song were amazing and the rap parts were just as good too.
VIXX - Secret Night
This song was featured on the album Voodoo. I seriously love this song. I can totally see VIXX dancing to this on stage. Can you imagine it? And Ravi's song writing skills are too good!
Does anyone else have any non-title tracks that they absolutely love?
Are there any songs out there that you think deserved a music video?
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