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If you know SHINee, well then you should know this adorable cutie pie.

I'm going to break it down in a few (Obviously the list has no end, I'm just going over some main points) Reasons

He loves food

- Chicken to be exact. A guy that loves chicken, well is a keeper to me. Chicken is versatile and is tasty in any dishes. *Relationship Goal* Find someone who loves you as much as Onew loves chicken.

Ttakbam King.

He can defend your honor and crack skulls if some guy disrespects you in his presence.

Don't believe me, ask the walnut and his victims.

His Smile IS adorable.

I mean look at that smile. His smile brightens up his face. Who wouldn't want to see that smile everyday? *Let me answer that for you: NOONE*

He is Overall Oozing with adorableness.

(If this isn't a word, it is now!) I mean just look at him. Good luck trying not to love him. *Older Fans, you're in luck: Look at the way he gets excited over his 누나

He's Onew, what reason other than that do you need?

*This is where Lee Jinky makes the fans want to change their Life goal to being beverage containers.

These are more than plausible reasons to love Onew!!

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@BluBear07 I agree!! His smile us fantastic! @JaxomB Oh not yet! But I plan to soon
@AimeeH Descendants of the Sun is probably my favorite kdrama now. It's so good. Episode 5 subbed came out today.
@JaxomB OO! I'll have to watch it soon, I heard great things about it, and have been wanting to see it! That's good I haven't missed too much
@AimeeH Binge watching it will be wonderful. I plan on getting it on DVD when it comes out. Waiting is so difficult right now, and the next episode comes out tomorrow.
@JaxomB Oh gosh!! Yeasss!! I can definitely agree!