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Made by @KhrystinaLee~~

Awwww Hyuk ❤ I've had my eye on you!

Leo, really?! o-o

*leaves window open* oops did I do that

Why Ken? Why are you crazy °~° You'll find another woman better than me, I promise!

My crazy ex is my best friend?

I think I've made some poor life decisions and I need my Eomma to help me through it.

Ewww your mouth would taste like alcohol T-T I don't like alcohol, so sober up, brush your teeth and then I'll kiss you my babe~~~ ♡

until then, you can have cheek kisses I guess~~

I apologize for any mistakes! Let me know what you guys think!

I wold leave my window open for Leo too....
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Woops looks like unnie wont be of help niece LOL @KhrystinaLee
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