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The best team in the NBA just lost to the one of the worst teams in the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors (55-6) lost to the Los Angeles Lakers (13-51). This was also the last matchup of the season between the two teams, which also means that this game was the last time we would see Stephen Curry face Kobe. Well, the Lakers managed to pull off the biggest upset of the season on home ground.
FACT: This is also the first time in NBA history a team below .200 winning percentage beat a team above .900.
@JimTurpen You a Lakers fan bro?
Shit happens...shit happens.
@mchlyang No, I'm a Pacers fan, but I like to see Kobe get an upset over the Warriors
I second what @DavidGom said. Shit happens.
And damm right @JimTurpen. That was the biggest upset of the season!