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The wonderful @JohnEvans started a Kpop Survival Game and I AM SO READY.

You can get the full intro to the game HERE!

Here is my team:

1. The Muscle


'Kyungsoo the muscle!?" you ask? PAH! Have you seen his muscles recently!? This little squishy baby is a BEAST.

2. The Brains


This smart cookie is also charming as hell as he'll be able to get us out of a ton of tough situations :D

3. The Scaredy Cat


This tough guy is actually so scared of...everything? Especially bugs. OMG Ravi HATES bugs lol

4. The Secret Weapon


She's got talents up the wazoo! She always takes you by surprise and she's just great to have around!

5. The Protector/Mother


He will always know where to find food and on a deserted island that is valuable hahahah

6. The Co-Captain


He's a great leader and will know what to do whenever I am confused. He'll be the perfect co-captain :D Plus he can ride dolphins which will probs help in island rescue.

I hope we all survive XD

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there are so many people I go so brain frozen when I think of them Lol but nice I have to upload mine soon 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀may the best team win shall we bet?
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Solid crew :)
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Good crew!
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I think you have a good chance of surviving with that team lol @kpopandkimchi
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@JohnEvans as long as one member can ride dolphins we're good lol
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