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So there is me...I am the middle child, and my appa likes me more than my eomma XD let us move on (no BTS pun intended *wink wink*)
Here's my eomma. She's really pretty, and she likes my brothers more than me...-∆-
AND THIS IS MY APPA!!!! I love him very much, and I'm his favorite child ^°^ YEHET, he's really supportive and random lol
This is Uncle Daehyun. He's so handsome and nice @-@
This is my auntie!! And...yes, it is completely normal that he is a guy. He's the best aunt I could ask for :)... Uncle Daehyun and Auntie had a wonderful son named...
Taehyung!! (aka my boyfriend) He's the sweetest and the cutsest and the bestest XD YUP.
I know we are a bit young...but we have a child named Yoon Sanha I just call him my child. He is just the cutest ^-^ and he is always up to somethin
This is my adopted dongsaeng named ChimChim...she doesn't like to get involved with this family, just because of the way we all are XD
This is Taeil...he likes everything I like, we act the same, and we look alike too! So I just call him my twin
This is my dongsaeng, Baek! He's the smallest in the family, as well as the cutest. (if Ukwon tries to tell you any different, don't listen to him XD)
This is bruder Ukwon. He is a meanie...but i love him. That's all I have to say
And last but not least, Oppa Jaehyo!! Him and Ukwon are a couple and I ship it so hard!! Mainly because Jaehyo is cute and nice to me, unlike Ukwon X'D

So that was my kpop family... yup