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Kaneki Versions × Touka (SPOILER)

SPOILERS!! Ft. all rad versions of him. "Normal" version. "My hair turned white so I became a badass Ghoul called Eye Patch" version. "I lost(?) my memory and became Sasaki Haise I'm a ghoul investigator" version. YES I HAVE READ THE MANGA AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER OF TOKYO GHOUL:RE ;-; (I cried where the part when Haise cried without a reason but instead, Kaneki who's inside him is crying. )
Haise, you fool!
I haven't watched Tokyo ghoul. I know it's good, But aren't those characters the same person but the dude with Oreo hair the combination hair like the combo of beginning and end. like yen and yang
@JayKumor Yeah, man. c: The manga says it all. :p It'll be confusing at first, making you wonder wtf just happened, and after reading and finally know what was happening, you'll get where things are going. xD I'm still waiting for some chapters to come in. :3
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