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"(Y/N)" I felt Taehyung poke my cheek and I look him"what tae?" Annoyed being the 5th time "hi~" I glare at him "can you for once study!?" I say and start shaking my head when he just smiles in response "really your hopeless this is why your failing precal" I say and go back to studying for my precal exam and he just pouts "hey I'm trying okay" he mumbles and you laugh slightly looking at him pout "cute " you say making him blush slightly and look back at his notes "hey (y/n) " you hear your name and look up "oh hey hongbin oppa!" You say looking up more "bro sit down like my neck ow you're to tall " he laughs and sits down across from you and tae  " hey tae " he smiles and tae smiles back "sup hyung" "nothing what you two doing?" He asks looking at you both "studying" Taehyung says "well trying to" you add and he  pouts again "I see " hongbin  smiles " hey (y/n) you heard about the new movie coming out ?" Hongbin asks and you shake your head "nope what movie?" He looks at you surprised but couldn't blame you since there's so many exams this month he starts explaining and shows you teasers that have been released 2 weeks ago and you start fangirling seeing that (y/f/a) was in it making hongbin laugh "you're so cute" he says making you blush and look away "no I'm not " you hear tae clear his throat and you look at him seeing him . slightly annoyed "hey hyung we really have to study so if you can " he says bluntly and Hongbin puts his hands up in defense "okay okay im.going but one more thing " you look at him and he looks at you smiling "what about going with me to go see it next week" Before you can answer tae puts his arm around you "sorry but she can't she has plans with me that week " you look at him confused "really (y/n)? " seeing if it was true but before you could Taehyung interrupts again "yes really" and glares at him "alright alright " hongbin says and gets up "see you later (y/n)" he smiles and starts to leave, you look at Taehyung "what was that about??" You said "nothing..." he says and goes back to studying "hey that's unfair tell me,  like you just got me out from going to watch the new movie with hongbin! And we never discussed plans for nex-" Before you could finish you felt his lips pressed against yours and your eyes go wide and he pulls away his face becoming a light shade of pink "I don't want you to go with him...I know he likes you...and I don't want you to go with him...because you" he says quietly "I'm not going to lose to him" he adds looking at you.