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Despite Loss Samardzija Looks Sharp!
We lost to the Dodgers today 5-2, but it's all good. These are only practice games as we get ready for the real business that's about to happen in a month.
On a different note however, Jeff Samardzija faced the Dodgers for the first time in Giants uniform...and let's just say I'm very excited to have the Shark on our rotation this season.
He gave up one run over the course of three innings and struck out five. The video above are some of the highlights from his outing today!


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Yes! That was a pretty solid outing!
a year ago·Reply
Also, these are just practice games so no need to worry!
a year ago·Reply
The Giants do have a very strong rotation for sure.
a year ago·Reply
@DucktheFodgers Exactly. I'm not too worried.
a year ago·Reply
@mchlyang Not just a strong rotation, we have the best rotation in the league!
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