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I put this on my kakaotalk profile pic just because i thought her style was nice!? and my bf and other 'male' friends all told me to put this down saying they(guys) do not like this style... and i put up the 2nd pic where she's wearing the white see through dress! agree or disagree? :)
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i really like her too! she's so bubbly :-)
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@ahhae89 I agree! Guys don't know these different styles! they can't differentiate anything lol @roselee89 she's bubbly yes, and I feel like she has this own world in which she's happy being at
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@blairwitme You are so right when you said guys cant differentiate anything. lolzzz ! From my observation so far guys are somewhat attracted to the color red, long hair, high heels, mini or ultra mini skirts. Sad to say I am not describing myself. hahaha !
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where can i get that dress and those shoes? I love this outfit
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