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This is a random thought, but did you guys know that there's actual therapists and facilities that exist that will help you curb an 'addiction' to computers and the internet? Sure, we can be addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, but do you think it's possible to become addicted to something like your laptop - to a point where you need treatment?
First that card was awesome lol and second yes I do think it is possible to become so addict to the computer/laptop that you need some kind of help. I mean you could be on the computer all day and not even realize that you were.
I'm moat likely addicted. I mean, look at me. I'm commenting on this card.
@SarahRegulski I feel like a technology addiction is a lot less 'curable' than other habits.
We might even buy babies on ebay in the future! 馃槒
@RobertMarsh I wonder if that's something you can 100% recover from though? I mean, computers and the internet are so essential to communicate right now. You can't just stop like you can with other addictive things.
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