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Alright ladies, you have to choose. Which of these two stunning Victoria Kyriakides bridal gowns do you think is the best? Obviously, both are remarkable! This isn't going to be easy. Can you choose?
It's a tough decision between the strappy sheath Lole gown with soft trumpet flare and the dramatic Selene gown with three tiers of billowy softness.
Leave your comments below!
Lole pretty much takes it! I think I am the only one that LUVS Selene as much as Lole! Thank you for all your replies and comments!!! @TinaDang @raenel @ZoilaObregon @atmi @TurtleyTurtles @MyAffairWith @petname83 @jordanhamilton @CelinaGonzalez @Animaniafreak @Easternshell
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I like both, but I think Lole is more beautiful
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This one is tough, but I would say Lole.
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definitely Lole dress. lace are forever
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