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Which Victoria Kyriakides Dress Wins?
Alright ladies, you have to choose. Which of these two stunning Victoria Kyriakides bridal gowns do you think is the best? Obviously, both are remarkable! This isn't going to be easy. Can you choose?
It's a tough decision between the strappy sheath Lole gown with soft trumpet flare and the dramatic Selene gown with three tiers of billowy softness.
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lole!!! 馃槏馃槏
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yeah, I think it's official. Unless a swarm of other Vinglers vote for Selene, the winning gown is Lole! Thanks everyone for voting! ;)
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Very difficult decision! I love both dresses but there alterations I would do to either one. But, alas there can only be one. Sooo my modesty would insist that I go with Selene even though I find the Lole equally stunning.
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Awesome pick @diane6711. it really is a difficult decision
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