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tagged by the creator @KhrystinaLee and by @KeziahWright and @AaliyahNewbell. link to the game here--> So without further ado my results in a form of a story...don't mind I switched my results around to make a story.
No one ever really believed when I said Ravi was my best friend. We literally grew up as neighbors. It was hard though when he started training and eventually when he debuted. There was only a few times we could sneak in some quality time as best friends. Our mom's hoped we would marry one day but we really just see each other as siblings. He still constantly texted and Skype with me when he had time I his busy schedule. I was truly his number 1 fan besides his sister. I was a Starlight and proud of it. I supported ravi and his band mates who heartily. One day as Ravi called Skype me, he was with my bias of the group Leo. soon Leo became a great friend of mine. We where way too much alike to date but we became a trio of friends. Leo and I shared a love for lattes and loved listening to him play piano. Soon all the members of vixx started asking Ravi and leo about their secret best friend. They didn't want to reveal me to them in hopes to avoid drama. I wish I would have ran the moment I met Hyuk because he became an evil mastermind of a game I didn't know the rules too.
Ravi and leo brought me to one of their game nights to chill and drink. We enjoyed pizza. I wasn't much of a drinker but Hongbin was making me nervous. he kept flashing me his sexy smile and giving me compliments. But Hyuk was sneaking some alcohol behind Ns and Leo's back. He decided he wanted to play truth and dare. Before the game started Ken and Hongbin whispered in his ear and chills ran up my spine in fear of this little game. But then I was just going to choose truth every single time or at least that was my plan until Hyuk said you could only have 1 pass (to use on at truth you don't want to answer or a dare you don't want to do) 3 truths and the rest 3 dares. "Oh shit," I thought to myself. I pulled Leo and Ravi down into a small conference. "Why do I feel like this is going to be a bad idea?" They both snicker and pat my hands. Exasperated I throw my hands in the air and agreed to the rules. N was first and asked me truth or dare. I said the most embarrassing moment of my life. I was debating if I wanted to pass or save my pass. I but my lip in pensive thoughts when I finally sighed. I mouthed to Ravi I hate you when he started to laugh. "My most embarrassing moment so far in my young life happens to include Ravi, here. Well actually he was the cause of it. He decided to pull a prank on me and switched my locker code and his. So I was standing at my locker trying to open it and I was really getting frustrated after the fifth attempted when a putrid smell and sound was coming from my locker. He let off a stink bomb in my locker. I was at my locker to get my gym uniform. I finally got my locker open and everything stank. My gym teacher still made me wear my gym clothes. That happened to be the day a Sunbae I was crushing on came up to me. But he didn't stay long. I died when he approached me. I could have killed Ravi that day." All the boys are snickering. "I really still don't forgive you for ruining my clothes but thanks from saving me from that Sunbae," I turn to my best friend and give him a hug. Since it is my turn truth or dare Leo?" He whispers dare and I dare him to do aeygo for three minutes which he does and I capture on my phone. He chooses Ken. Ken asks me truth or dare. I say dare and he dares me for a hug. I give him a hug but he doesn't readily let go. I ask Hyuk truth or dare. He chooses dare. I lean over and whisper in his ear to go steal a stuff animal out Leo's room. His face goes pale white. I bark in laughter when he says I'll pass on that dare. He then asks me truth or dare. I say truth. He asked me Who I would date out of all the members. My face became flushed. I passed on his truth which made the members sigh in disappointment. I chose Hongbin as my next victim. He chose dare. I dared him to compliment each member and give them a hug. When it was his turn he asked me truth or dare. I said dare afraid he would ask me the same question Hyuk. Hyuk grinned like he knew what is coming. He dared me to kiss him. My cheeks became inflamed. I leaned forward to peck his lips. But he grabbed me and kissed me in a longer slower kiss stealing my breath and making my heart flutter.
From the game of truth and dare everyday Hongbin would text me. we started to date. The first few weeks went well and I was truly happy to be dating him. It was around our 2 month anniversary he started to change and became scary. He accused me of cheating on him with Ravi and Leo both. I was becoming so stressed from his accusations that I started to not text Ravi or Leo anymore. I put distance between them and myself in hoping to a leviathan some of his fears. I instead started to spend more time with him and Hyuk. Hyuk would whisper things in Hongbin ear when I was around and about 30 minutes later Hongbin. would start arguing with me over the slightest infraction rather it be I forgot to set my cup on a coaster, or that I was wearing revealing clothing that showed my arms. Every time I would see Hyuk off in the corner snickering with Ken.
All the stress from these fights with Hongbin I lost a drastic amount of weight and my sparkly personality was slowly fading. I really missed Leo and Ravi as well. So with a steady and sure heart I broke up with Hongbin but he wasn't the only problem I soon found out. I kept receiving interesting gifts from a secret admirer. First flowers, then some cds. Then I get stuffed animals. At first I thought it was Hongbin trying to win me back. So one day I hid around the corner fro. my apartment and noticed Ken and N. N placed the stuffed animal down with a card and walked away with a smile on his face. But then Ken came along and removed the card. Creepy I rhought. Then I started noticing Ken more throughout my work days. At lunch he just happen to be at the cafe I decided to frequently t for lunch. I had way to many coincidental run-in for me to shake it off. It became really scary. I texted Leo and ravi who both said they would talk to him They didn't want me to walk home alone anymore. So here I was waiting for my shift to end at 8 at night. It was dark and storming. Ken was there in front of me with an umbrella. I was about to scream when N came up.
"I just wanted to apologize to you. I never wanted to make you feel scared. I liked you and I didn't know how to tell you. but after Leo, Ravi and n explained how I made you feel it broke my heart," Ken said while tears ran out of his eyes. "I know you don't felt the same way. I am going to leave you alone from now on. Hopefully we can become friends once again," He said with a sad smile and left. My heart felt a burden lift. I was still to scared to walk home alone though. N walked me home. He coughed to get my attention. I looked up at him. He had his arm out and opened up the umbrella. I placed my hand on his arm and walked with him under the umbrella. "So, can I ask you question?" "N, Sunbae you just did." I laughed teasingly. I made the go ahead gesture. "Why haven't you responded to any of the cards or letters I wrote you?" I looked up at him with no clue of what he was talking about. Then it dawned on me the flowers, cds, and stuffed animals where from him. I explained to him I didn't receive any cards or letters just the objects. Then another light went off in my head I told him about how I saw N the a card from some of the gifts I received. . N looked at me. "Well I confessed to ypu in those letters and cards. I like you a lot and wanted to know if we could start dating." Butterflies floated up in my stomach as I looked up into his eyes and a smile wad or. his face. I wasn't sure if I was ready to date him. Just then a text came from Ravi and Leo... "date the guy if he confesses. He's being really annoying about liking you. Plus he's not like Hongbin. We approve." I look back up at N and his smile starts to slip from his face. "I like you N, but I have reservations about dating you. You know Hongbin and mine relationship wasn't healthy. Plus with Hyuk and Ken I feel uneasy with these two." "Baby girl, I won't let anything happen to you. I will protect you fro. the world including my brothers that dare try to hurt you," he wraps me in a hug, "so please say yes to dating me." I wrap my arms around him and hug him back. I mumble yes into his chest. He pulls back from the hug. "Was that a yes I heard" I shake my head yes. He leans down and places a kiss on my forehead. He takes my hand and interlaces our fingers. "Come let me get you to your house. We can go on our first date tomorrow." "Oppa, I would like that alot," I said as we get to my apartment building. I step our. my tip toes and place a kiss on his cheek and make it inside my building. I press my hand to my chest trying to calm the fast beating of my heart.
Gotta love Leo and Ravi! But my heart belongs to N haha
Ravi those feet though lol still love you