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I love it when brides take a novel approach to the design and vibe of their wedding day. Why fret over all the details, such as fresh flowers, when you can scale back with big dynamic floristry through paper!
Rocio Sofia Ordonez is a mom, artist, designer and founder of Craft Makers Studio in Pleasanton, CA.
Not sure what to do or how to do it? She has all the kits, supplies, instructions, et cetera! You can't go wrong with this idea.
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If you plan to do something like this for your wedding, be sure to share that in the comments too!
I'm glad you clicked on the link to see @turtleyturtles, and yes, her dress is amazing
It looks so cool! You could do them in any colors you want! The giant flower in the second picture is really cool to see. On a side note, I love the white dress she's wearing in that picture. I dunno if I'd wear it at my wedding, but I think it's gorgeous.
DO IT! YESSS! Love the framed collage idea @TurtleyTurtles. If you love this idea so much, you should consider this...
What an awesome idea! These flowers would last a lifetime! Oh, the ideas that run through my head with this one! Make these for the wedding, and then use them to accent a framed photo collage of the wedding! I might just do this!
Thank you @Yatosgirl I think these are beautiful too :)
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