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Thoughts On Body Positivity?
Hello, I'm nerdy_3000 and my Women and Gender Studies class is doing something to promote body positivity and so I'm doing this project to get awareness of females and males on this app to talk about our flaws and to see how we love them!
Which one of these hands are better? Negative comment: Photo 1 Positive comment: Photo 2
Which types would you like to hear coming from one's mouth? Let me know in the comments below. Taglist (I know this isn't kpop related but can you guys help me with this?) @kpopandkimchi @PrincessUnicorn @MadAndrea @Emealia
I like number 2 of course. Alsoooooo there's a body positivity community on Vingle. I'm sure the community would appreciate this card in there :)
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sounds like an awesome class! I agree with @alywoah haha whatever someone's hair situation is I think it's their business and they should get to do what makes them happy :D
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Number 2! I struggles with this personally, but am an advocate for it outside of that! I think people having fun and loving themselves is the best thing they can do. Awesome card. Great sentiments. Totally agree with you two ladies above! @alywoah @shannonl5
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