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HELP: KPOP PROBLEM!! which Korean/EXO merch item should I get?? Comments ⬇️
D.O.'s GRAPEFRUIT lip balm by Nature Republic
D.O.'s lotion by Nature Republic
EXO's jjangmyeon ramen
EXO's Ramen
EXO's earrings?? ⬆️➡️
Really cute knit
Cute shirt that's expensive...
Lastly THE EXO ROSE GOLD RING!!!!❤️😍😊😘😩!!!
So make sure to comment which ones I should get for my birthday and for my twins birthday!! Thanks!!❤️
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Me the exo ramen probably XD but Id say the D.O lotion ^^
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The KPOP & chill shirt for sure 🙌 maybe you can get the lotion and the lip balm for your friend?
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