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So I got tagged by the lovely @PrettieeEmm and my results were pretty interesting...
1. Met while Trainees Aww I met my bias <3
2. Likes to make you jealous Oh. Alright then. I see how it is.
3. Awkward with are making me jealous so I see why....
4. Broke your heart OH NO WONDER
5. Likes to back hug you ;) Well now you can't...
6. Can't keep his hands off you He found the opportunity to stitch my hearteu back together :')
7. Had a threesome with (pick twice) Well this is awkward.....were we drunk or something?
8. Wants you to call him daddy NOT ANYMORE
9. Asked you to be his gf *sigh* You just can't stay away from me can you? It's too late, Hyungwon fixed my broken heart! YOU CANT EXPECT ME TO GO BACK WITH YOU WONHO!
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wonho keeps showing up a lot xD
He just couldn't stay away 馃槀 @CreeTheOtaku
Most of mine are Wonho and Hyungwon too.... @PrettieeEmm did you even put anyone else in this gameu?
@gabbylu13 yes its kdrama worthy 馃槀馃槀