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Best Shaving Secret--EVER!
No doubt you've seen a bazillion tips, tricks and secrets to getting the best shave of your life!
And like a lot of "hacked" information, you're lucky to see okay results with even half of the cool ideas.
Here's ONE SECRET tip that will work and make you wonder, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!
You can purchase sugar scrub, which is really convenient or you can make your own.
I like the Archipelago Botanicals Black Honey Sugar Scrub because it's relatively inexpensive, at $19 for eight ounces.
The sugar scrub is the perfect base to gently exfoliate and remove dulling dirt, toxins and dead cells. Natural antioxidants and alpha hydroxyl acids work together to make skin look young and healthy. Gentle enough for everyday use. Recommended for normal and dry skin types.

Why it works:

The exfoliating sugar scrub is going to loosen and remove excess dead skin. It's also going to lubricate your legs for shaving. While it's easy to rinse off, it's also going to leave your legs feeling luxuriously smooth and sleek.
Perfect for mules, which you see in the photo above. They're Mansur Gavriel mules, to be precise, which were recently unveiled in New York. This is the first footwear collection from the uber luxury bag designer. 15 fabulous colors to choose from!
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I will eventually get around to using this someday. I can't wait!
a year ago·Reply
@humairaa i don't hardly have any on mine
a year ago·Reply
I have plenty on mine
a year ago·Reply
This does work. I've been doing this for a long time. Also if you use that lotion in summer that tints your skin gradually like this Scandinavian girl who only burns and rarely fans in natural sun or get a spray tan exfoliating really well before will give a much more uniform color and not be patchy
a year ago·Reply
Great idea for those who burn easy and want that sun-kissed look @2Distracted :)
a year ago·Reply