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First of all go watch Death Parade as there will be light spoilers here, no pun intended. Anyhow, so on Episode 11[Memento Mori] of Death Parade there's an interesting scene where one of the characters is shown footage of another room and she must decide on this guy right here or her crush/guy she likes/famous guy. Interesting enough the guy they show for a small amount of time happens to look like Light Yagami from Death Note
Interesting enough though is that both series were animated by the same studio, Madhouse. Not only that but both Yagami in Death Note and the guy that the character ends up picking, Harada, have THE SAME JAPANESE VOICE ACTOR. To add to that, Heaven or Hell don't exist in either anime. [[[Death Note MAJOR SPOILER]]]Thus making it possible that Light got sent to Viginti after he dies in his show.
What do you guys think? @MajahnNelson
Yes! I'm not the only one who thought so. It has to be him, it's more than a coincidence
Yup. I knew it
this makes total sense to me
A Death note episode with a persona joke?! I need to finish that series!