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How Well Do You Know BTS?
so I took the trivia quiz on how well I know BTS. I've been with these boys since their debut and I sure a lot of you have as well. However I didn't get to know them right away when they debuted because I was still hung up on my ultimate favorite group B2ST, but last year I was able to get to know who BTS when they came out with I I Need U. So I learn about them and I figured I could take this quiz and see how well I would do.
at least I got jams my score is okay and I'm surprised that I remembered a lot about them. What really messed me up was what their favorite number was and what their favorite color was. Like with rap monster I thought his favorite color was pink since his hair is always pink. yeah I got that wrong.
here is the link and comment below on what your score is. Best of luck A.R.M.Y
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yoongi's arms in the gif omo
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"whats bts fan group called?" if you dont know that..welll then we have a problem....
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