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*I hope it comes out nice. I love Chen and I believe that he is one of the most loveable man on earth. He was a cold brutal man. He broke girls hearts without regrets. His name was Kim Jong-dae aka Chen. He never smiled. He never showed emotions towards anyone. That was until he met you. You were out at night finishing your shift when you heard someone walk in you thought it was one of your coworkers so you didn't say anything. Then you heard someone clear their throat. You suddenly turned around to find one of the Exo members Chen. For some weird reason you two never got along. You didn't understand why. You were nice to everyone particularly him. "I am going to dye my hair orange do it right now" "I'm sorry, but I can't I have a blind date to get to you can come tomorrow and I'm pretty sure anyone who is available will do it" "pff, who would want to date you, oh yeah that's right its a blind date. He hasn't seen you. He'll probably run as soon as he sees you" those words hurt since you had a low self-esteem. No one had ever told you that you were pretty so you thought you were on a little under average in looks. "You know if you ask for something you need you shouldn't insult them" you had tear threatening to spill from your eyes. You finished packing and ran out. Chen's POV I wen in the hair and makeup room to find Y/N cleaning up. I wanted to talk to her, but whenever I talked to her I only insulted her. When I first saw her I immediately fell in love. It had never happened to me. She was so beautiful and she didn't know it. I wanted to spend time with her so I asked her to dye my hair, but she said she had a blind date and it made me mad. She would go on a date with another man and smile at him. I only wanted her to smile at me. She ran out crying after I said those hurtful words I didn't want to hurt her, but it naturally came out. I really wanted to beat myself up for making her cry so I just went back to the dorm. While I was walking towards the dorm I saw a cafe and by the window was Y/N and a man sitting across from each other. I didn't know what came over me and I walked in and grabbed her hand and took her with me leaving that man alone and confused. YPOV After my encounter with Chen I decided to go on my blind date and not worry about it. Those words he said had really gotten to me. Especially since they came from him. I've had a crush on him since I started working at SM. The fact that he called me ugly was really hurtful. As I was on my date I suddenly felt a hand grab me and drag me out of the coffee shop. I looked to see that it was Chen. I was about to protest when I felt a pair of lips touch mine. Chen's POV I kissed her. I really did. I felt butterflies in my stomach. She was the first girl to make me feel this way. She broke my walls. *To be continued
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