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We Got Married 2PM Results

So I stumbled across this @sarabear1021 and couldn't resist taking it an creating a story out of my results. :)
Chansung proposed?! To ME?!?! I can't believe it is my wedding day. I still can't believe that we dated, let alone are getting married today. This is unreal. Chansung stepped into my life when I least expected it and it didn't look like he was planning on leaving. Not that I mind in the least. He is perfect and I love him with all my heart. I'm still stunned though.
It didn't take me long to find my dress. It was the first one I tried on. It fit me perfectly the first time I tried it on. No alterations needed, which surprised me immensely. I've never had this much luck before. First Chansung and now my dress. I was speechless. All I could do was cry as my step-sister and my mom watched me in the mirror as I struggled to say that this was my dress. They just knew when they saw my face.
I'm so nervous as I approached the doors to begin my walk down the aisle. What have I gotten myself into?! I haven't even seen the ring. Chansung proposed with a necklace instead and told me I wouldn't get to see the ring until the ceremony. It was unconventional at best but I loved him all the more for the uniqueness of the proposal. As I walked down the aisle, I couldn't help but smile brightly at him. My eyes never left his. The ceremony is all a blur until we exchanged our vows. I have never seen him with such a loving and passionate look in his eyes. When he placed the ring on my finger I couldn't help but gasp at its beauty. It was perfect. He got me the ring that described our lives together perfectly. Unique and never ending; always intertwined and a shining beacon for our families.
After the ceremony, we met a few close friends and family in an outdoor tent. There was draperies and flowers and twinkling lights everywhere! It looked like something out of a fairy tale. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. The dance floor melded into the rest of the decor perfectly and the DJ was discreetly hidden so they didn't stand out like a sore thumb. It was beyond beautiful.
When we arrived and were announced friends of mine rushed to greet us immediately. I had worked with them for a while before I met Chansung and they helped to bring us together. The boys of VIXX were like my brothers and seeing as how I had no siblings other than my step-sister, they held a special place in my heart. Seeing them at my wedding brought tears to my eyes (which they teased me for) and I loved them all the more for taking time out of their crazy busy schedules to support us in our new life.
Another thing that Chansung surprised me with was our house. He had asked me all sorts of cryptic questions about the type of house I wanted but I had no idea he had already bought one for us as well as moved our things in (with the help of our families and friends). The house was perfect in every way. It was large but not enormous and it was located in a quiet neighborhood. It has a nice yard and great space for entertaining friends and family.
Not only was the house perfect for just us, but a year and a half later we had a little baby boy. Chansung loved taking care of him and showing him off. Another year and a half later and we had a beautiful baby girl. Our family was complete and we were blissfully happy. As our children got older, having a good sized yard came in handy for keeping them busy, for birthday parties, and as a place for us to relax as a family after our crazy schedules. We were happy together and nothing could change that.
Well......not sure how this was. But I enjoyed writing it.
beautiful darling!!!!!!
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