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I Won't Be Posting Any Fanfic this Week Except on Wed Due to Finals! Sorry! :)

December arrives with frigid gusts of wind that whisper the final words to the spell of leaves dying and clouds blanketing the sky, blue and white paired with red and green. Christmas lights are strung on the exteriors of restaurants and stores, holiday decorations displayed in windows, and the light that radiates from iridescent bulbs and Joy and Happiness lettering is infused in the adrenaline you embrace completely on this day. Seokjin had taken you out for a session of ice-skating at the rink in the town over. The ghosts of his hands around your waist and your fingers laced with his for a too-short moment linger still, and you wish they would materialize into reality if only to savor the intimacy better. Im sorry, I didnt realize it would happen! you plead to an imaginary spirit. Please, can I relive it again? But she turns away, upset by how careless you are with moments like this when she cant feel any of them ever again. Should we go home now? you ask, staring up at him. His scarf covers the lower half of his face but he is still beautiful - you would never say this, though, for he is your best friend and you are so, so afraid of destroying the fire of companionship you built together. Okay! Ahh, its so cold right now… His breath transforms into soft frost in the air and you let out a huge puff, watching it billow out into the clouds children. He laughs and does the same, creating a challenge for the largest winter breaths. The two of you continue this fierce yet relaxing fight as you return to the car parked in front of the ice-rink. You let out a sigh of content as you take your spot in the passenger seat, turning the heater on with brisk gestures to hurry the thawing of your frozen hands. He laughs a little and starts the ignition, backing out of the lot with ease and preparing directions for your home. Id be home wherever hed be, you think to yourself and heat rushes into your cheeks at such a notion. But - but its true. Time passes quickly, far too quickly, as conversations rise and fall and die and crash and burn but new ones bloom from the ashes, determined to experience the four seasons and the moon and the sun on their petals and fragile leaves. You remember his voice becoming a song that you cherish ever so tenderly and try to recall when you fell in love with him, but time loves to melt into itself and erase the dates and times that you cannot bring back to memory. He pulls into the light of the silent sentinel, the lamppost, that guards your home with a spilling-forth of a replica of sunlight and shadows. You say your thank yous and say, Want to come in for dinner? He nods with a smile and unlocks the doors. Once inside, your heart beating fast (not like it hasnt been all day), you flick the light-switches on and tell him to take a seat at the sofa. He thanks you and deposits his backpack and jacket, then shortly makes an appearance in the kitchen to help prepare for dinner. How about a grand course of leftovers? he says as he peers into the refrigerator, and you laugh. The pasta and bread rolls are warmed up in the microwave, and you pour boiling water into two mugs. Ahh, warm! you say, in a state of bliss as you wrap your hands around the surface. Soon, it becomes too hot and you feel a burn against your skin. You yelp and pull away quickly, staring at your hands with indignation. He dashes over, concerned and worried. Are you alright? he asks, his eyebrows drawn upwards as he examines the red blotches. Itll fade away, dont worry. And you believe him, distracted by how his hands linger on yours and you wish he wouldnt let go so quickly, and he doesnt. His eyes are trained on your own and you cant tear your gaze away, so lost in his silky caramel hues that you refuse to drag yourself out of. But the beep-beep of the microwave breaks your shared trance and he pulls away, hurrying over to the completed dinner that you would easily give up if it meant igniting the warmth between your heart and his. He brings out the two plates and balances them on the palms of his hands, a childish grin on his features. Jjang! he says cheerily, and you repeat his word, putting as much energy as you can into it but failing to meet his brightness. The pair of you settle down on the carpet in front of the sofa, backs aligned with the sofas cookie-cut shape. He rolls his shoulders back and stretches luxuriously, praising the modest dinner and the day in its entirety. You smile uncontrollably and reach over him for the blanket that you drag over both of your legs. Ah, its too short, he notices, seeing how it stretches out over the empty space between you and him. He scoots closer to you, your elbows making the slightest of contact. He takes a quick bite and sets his plate down to adjust the blanket a bit more as he pulls it over more to his side with the corners of his lips tugging upwards. You let out a little hey and yank it back in place, then a bit more to cover your legs. He laughs and closes the distance between you and him, knees knocking against each other. There, he says firmly. Now were both warm! And the hot chocolate will warm us too. He inhales the scent of the beverage and lets out an exaggerated sigh of bliss that causes you to laugh even more, fall in love with him even more. Dinner is finished cleanly, falling into a momentary lull. Your arms are wrapped around your knees and youre staring at your reflection in the television screen in front of you when his voice says, Dont turn towards me. Your first instinct is to move but Seokjin lets out a warning sound that resonates from the back of his throat. You settle back into place and continue to stare ahead, your eyes falling onto him in the reflection. Close your eyes. You obey and you feel him move closer, closer - His voice in your ear, breath tickling the surface of your skin like the wind outside. You havent asked me yet but - but what I want for Christmas is another day like this, he says softly, gently, almost guiltily. Open your eyes and turn your head to me. You open your eyes - turn his head to him - Two centimeters. Thats all of the space between your lips and his. He stares at you, waiting patiently, a promise in his eyes that says that hell wait forever if it means you will close the distance because he wont do something you dont want - But he neednt wait forever. You lean forward and fall into his kiss, gentle, a miracle in December, tender, sweet, and know that this is the best Christmas gift you have ever received.

Credits: ExoBtsImagination

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