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...is like the best person ever! I've come to this conclusion after watching this interview. Awhile back I called him my spirit idol, but I think his quiet down to earth aura might just be the thing that make him a .... bias. WHAT? Yes. Out of all the crazy 4D idols that I love, I randomly add in the quiet one. You know what they say about the quiet ones...... they are gonna kill everyone... with a smile. I also.... love his face. It's so NORMAL and not pretty. He looks like a man. Yep. Just typed that. ^u^ *runs off to start being a fangirl*
It's sad. This realization of bias just happened so the only pictures of KyungSoo I have are memes. T_T This has to be fixed.
@TerraToyaSi πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» ok I was just trying to help. I have a whole collection in here if you want to go though those. I get excited when I see someone that biases Kyungsoo. Lol
@Tigerlily84 I don't have Kakao Talk. Besides, finding images is half the joy of being a fan. Thanks! (Daesung is still my UB. No one has been able to steal his spot.)
He is my UB. If you have Kakao Talk I can definitely help you out in the picture department.