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2012 August Helsinki, Finland
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@tapsamai Ive been thinking of working on that!
As i know Seoul also a world capital design in 2010. I think Finland was chosen as the world capital digital design 2012, is for it minimalism design, and it sustainable design closed with Nature. Even though as @ahhae89 said you barely see any outstanding design in Helsinki, but for the Nordic design, as our capital Stockholm, you need to understand the Nordic society, to understand the beauty of its design :)
@ahhae89 hehe i am waiting for more photos of you! It is interesting to see the photo of my countries through foreigners eyes !
@alise yeah I know how the Scandinavian style/architecture is different from Korean :) and yes you are right, Korea was the 2010 design capital :) thank you for the comment!
@ahhae89 I did some research in Korean design and architecture, it is really cool as well ! There are more and more young well know Korean artist now in the world :). As well I really love Korean movie, "Old Boy" is one of my favorite