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marimekko, Helsinki
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I wonder those Koreans know much about Marimekko? Cause since I have lived for 5 months in Soul, whenever I saw anybody wear Marimekko, they are all Japanese, not Korean. :(
@tapsamai idk, i know some ppl here in Korea know about it as well but I don't think it's "popular" here.. I didn't know about it until my bf told me that it is very popular there!
@ahhae89 yah it was really big in Finland, but I think the brand itself targets on over 30s age. So I do not think it would be famous in korea market :)
A friend of mine she is a maniac fan of this product. And We, Finns, are really proud about this brand, as well many well known brand of Finland, such as iittala, Angry birds, clash of titans and so on :)
@nollakolla I think you forget about the famous brand name called : Sauna and Santa Claus , Those are things that Finns always talk about !! ;D