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what do you think of the streets? Aren't they really clean and organised? The traditional buildings in Europe are really well-preseved.. any pics with the buildings in become artwork!
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:( I missed those quiet moment of the street in Finland. Here in Seoul, everything is always crowded and lot of people
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@nollakolla yeah! I agree! I was there on a Saturday evening and even though i was in the middle of the city center and it was just around 6p.m. in the evening, there was pretty much no one on the streets.... Can never imagine that in Seoul where I live!
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@sofiamuller758 I've never been to German yet so I don't really know how it looks out there but it must look pretty nice if the buildings look similar to those!
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@tapsamai but I'm pretty sure when ur back in Finland, you will start to miss everything about Seoul :)
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@ahhea89 yah it is true! We tend to miss something if it is not around anymore. Maybe next year, i would miss Korea like crazy then :)
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