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How are all my night owls doing? Up watching anime, or working....orrrrr?

Starting a new card for us to chat on this week!!! Figured it'd be easier to reconnect here cause I lost the old one XD I'm about to pick up some series from this season I haven't been watching in a while, so I'll be up for a while if anyone wants to chat ^-^

Tagging the night owls!

* if you're not on the list but you're a night owl, let me know and I'll add you :)
Sun is rising, and this night owl has survived without sleep yet again.
omg. I just got sunlight in my eye and was all like wtf is this shit went to look out my window and see the sun rising like wtf look at my clock and it's 6 IN THE FUCKING MORNING ALREADY. LAST I CHECKED IT WAS ONLY LIKE 330
@BelleofRay @TracyDeCamp Winging it can have some great result too. I winged some nachos with chorizo once, now the wife wants them all the time.
I'm not a night owl but I'm up often cause homework. Anime helps compliment the work
I should totally be on the night owl tag list 馃槶 lol I'm actually watching elementary on hulu. No anime at the moment.
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