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Wow! It's been 5 month since my last post but I'm glad to be back! I've been itching to write again and when I saw some of the Oscar 2016 red carpet photos I couldn't help but saved a couple of oscar-winning hair 'do to share with you all. I'll be sharing them one card at a time to explain the step-by -steps! So look forward for them. :) Let's take a moment to appreciate Brie Larson's beautiful half-up hairstyle (pictured above)!
The style is a modern version celestial hairstyle created by celebrity stylist Mara Roszak. This is actually a very simple hairstyle to recreate and the key styling is throwing on a jeweled embellishment to create a goddess-like vibe. I broke this hairstyle down to 3 simple steps to help you recreate the exact look!

Step 1: Curl

After washing your hair put on a small dollop of volumising mousse to prep your hair and gently dry your hair. Before you begin curling make sure you mist on some heat protectant spray! Let it sit for 1-2 second then use your finger to evenly disperse.
Use a medium size barrel to start curling from the middle to the end (winding your hair away from your face). This will create a softer finish!

Step 2: Twist

Part your hair in the center. Take a small section (right above the ear) from any side and twist it until it reaches the back of your head. Then pin it to place. Repeat it to the other side.

Step 3: Embellish

Here's the fun part. Place a jeweled clip or fabric of your choice and place it on top of the pinned twist and secure it in place with bobby pins. If you have long hair you will obviously have leftover hair from the twist. This is the time to weave them in and through the clip. Don't forget to secure it with a pin. That's it! Spray to seal the look.
I hope you guys found this helpful. I really miss the community here! If you have any request or explanation on any hairstyles please feel free to message me! Have a great day.
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That's a cute hairstyle!