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Lelouch as Zero is honestly one of my favorite characters to see cosplayed but sadly I've not seen many of them. Maybe I'll do one, one day but who knows! Well if your a fan of Code Geass or Zero why don't you give that like heart a tap and I will see you in the next card!
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I really need to finish this anime. I've only seen a few episodes, I believe when it first came out. I really liked it.
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@TurtleyTurtles me and my brother have both watched every single episode and we have both said its the best anime we've ever seen. Me and him have seen a lot of anime so saying that actually means something between me and him.
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I will see if I can find it and watch it. It's been years, so I'll have to start over.
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@TurtleyTurtles it's worth it trust me! hope you like it as much as me and my brother did!
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