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This just goes hand in hand with my mixtape (Have some amazing fan art I found of him)
Let's start it with his audition video.
Diss predebut track
Swagger predebut track
School of Tears hands down my favorite predebut song they did. Ft. RM in dreads and Jin. Also featuring beautiful close ups of their mouths.
You will never be this swag. Hahahahahahaha he's suck a dork. Anyway these are his school photos.
Rapline preswag
Is that him in a JoKwon MV? Yep that's him.
That's better. How lovely.
Our beautiful boy has grown up so well.
I love his school pictures!!! You can already tell he was going to be a swaggy little shit 馃槀馃槀
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I love how suga is smiling but the other aren't haha
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he slayed it 馃敟
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that is the beginning of a bias wrecker right there
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