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I know we have some fans of this series, so I thought that this would be pretty fun news to share!!! There's going to be another "Is It Wrong.." based series! While it's not the season 2 we all hope for, the manga is going too slow for that, so I think this will tide us over, eh?
What is it?
It's going to be called "Sword Oratoria" and will be a spin-off series of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?.
Is it an anime?
Yes! Broadcast dates, cast, etc have NOT been announced.
What's it based on?
Light novels by the same title that are a spin off of the original Is it Wrong manga.
Who's in it?
It focuses on Aiz Wallenstein!! You probably remember her as Bell's principal love interest in the original Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Will there be Hestia?I don't know :(
My understanding from readers of the LN is that Aiz has her OWN harem of sorts lol.....so......no Bell / Hestia is my guess but we'll see!

Who's excited for more news about this spin-off?

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Hell yeah!! This is super exciting that they are doing Aiz story line!! She was bad ass but they never really got to into her in the original.
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Neither did bell @BrentDague HA... HAHAHA....
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kinda makes sense that they'd do this, seeing how the manga for Aiz has been going smoothly.
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cannot wait, excited something to tie me over till the second season of DanMachi
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