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Thinking you need a weekend away?

Here's where you should be making your getaway to :D

Answer all five questions before scrolling to the results (swipe right to view all the questions!)

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Mostly A's

You're ready to be lost in a sea of fast moving people, cars, bikes, and buses. You and your partner need the option to be night people, day people, artsy folks and tourists all at the same time. You need a place that can give you the class of the upper west and the grunge of St. Marks.

Mostly B's

You and your partner live at full speed. Whether its food or night life, you need it to be loud, colorful, and full of flavor! Miami gives you and your partner the ability to relax, indulge, and then dance the night away.

Mostly C's

You and your partner need a breath of fresh air. Take to the gorgeous mountains of Flagstaff, AZ, and unwind in a cozy quiet cabin. Morning hikes and hot chocolate by the fire every night sounds like your definition of heaven.

Mostly D's

You and your partner need a quiet place where you can just be the two of you - uninterrupted. Coffee shops, bookstores, the waterfront and the surrounding nature all invite you to curl up, turn down, and just enjoy each others company.

Mostly E's

You and your partner need inspiration. Whether its morning coffee in DTLA, getting lost in the Arts District, or hitting up that rooftop music festival, this is the perfect place to relax and just soak in whatever LA can bring you. (burritos required)

Accurate or not?! Did you get multiple destinations?

Let me know in the comments :D

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A, C, D, a, a,
B, D, C, E, A!!! I'm all over the place....that just means I need to travel the world I guess
Tie between a an e
mostly D and one E
Seattle!! I've never been :D adding that to places I want to go!
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