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Kind Of Makes You Think.
Shout-out to the first person to brave a whole swarm of bees just to taste whatever kind of delicious was going on inside. I might respect this person more than the one who 'invented' drinking milk.
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I respect way too many ppl more than the guy who discovered milk. He surely was a titty lover 馃憴
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i may enjoy cold bovine lactation, but I agree on the honey discoverer. Presumably he was someone who watched a lot of bears... or Tiggers
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they saw a bear go after a bee hive and wondered why, so they went and looked and saw the bear eating this golden yellow substance, when the bear left they went and tried it
2 years agoReply
By that guy i meant the one who went after the bees on the other hand is the weirdo who sucked cows
2 years agoReply
All of us are somewhat Lactose intolerant.. So I'll just give it up to the bee hive guy 馃槑
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