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Kind Of Makes You Think.
Shout-out to the first person to brave a whole swarm of bees just to taste whatever kind of delicious was going on inside. I might respect this person more than the one who 'invented' drinking milk.
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Shoutout to the guy who was like " you see that cow over there... I'm gonna get down on my knees and tug on those nipple-penis things and drink whatever comes out" and then a second, more pronounced shoutout to the guy who accidentally left milk out for waaaay too long and decided to eat it (cheese/yogurt)
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I wondered this when I was a kid...I used to figure some poor guy stepped on a fallen log, his foot crashed through it into a hive, and he was chased away by the angry swarm. Meanwhile, his hunting companion, writing him off as an unfortunate casualty of the hunt, discovered the beautiful, sticky golden substance. He soon was a local god and legend, although his hunting companions never henceforth returned.
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Now my mind is cooking up all kinds of scenario\tragedies involving milk, fire, honey and even pigs feet. @danidee. We need one of those old black and white silent films showing how this all came to pass.馃槀
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I feel sorry for the first goat ever 'milked'
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it was probably more of a case of two cavemen drunk on newly discovered alcohol saw a bear eating some and then dared each other to go see what it was eating. long story short, while grog was getting mauled to death by a sabertooth bear, grug was tasting honey.
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