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Closed Beta version is part 2
I have been sick on and off this weekend but I did get a little be of the "top secret" beta in. I was able to play as a villain. The villain mode of this game remind me of left 4 dead, when they had their VS mode. It's not easy, you have to be quick and predict moves but I guess in time that is something that can be mastered. I will keep you updated with more details! Head Merc with a Mouth L A Von York @InVinsybll @poojas @paulisadroid
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I am so ready for this game! I had tried to put in for the beta last year (or the year before?), but I guess I missed getting on the list. 😭 Maybe next time. Thanks, @LAVONYORK, for the intriguing tidbits!
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Hope they keep beta open!
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@annamolly @poojas I'm playing now so far it's open but I'm like what about the general public, they just can't trash it like that.
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@LAVONYORK I heard they plan to keep it open till April but not too sure
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