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What was the most embarrassing moment between you and your friends or you and your significant other? Note this question is for all Vingle communities to participate! Add a friend if you like!

I'll go first

This story was embarrassing for me and my friend but mostly her which made it super awkward. One of my old friends from college came back to New York to visit. This was during the time when it was considered to be cute to have your area code on you t shirt and have some random bubblegum phrase. Sorry guys I will let you know off the bat I did not follow that trend Anyway he went to hug me good bye and that he was going to call me with the details for all of the college buds to hang out that night. He went to hug my friend and said out loud that she need RIGHT guard deodorant. he proceeded walking down stairs backwards and lifting his arms as if he was laying deodorant on. My friend was extremely angry and she said he is not my friend because he said that to her. Then she asked me if she smelled bad. I'm sorry that embarrassing moment was long but you get the idea. I guess friend don't let friends go outside stinking.. I mean I don't go around smelling people... That's weird. So my Vingle family share one of your stories and I hope everyone can get a laugh on my story!

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My EX-boyfriend took me shopping not telling me why we were going when we got to the store he took me to the aisle with the nair hair removal stuff pointed and told me to choose and he'll buy. I got so embarrassed I nearly started crying right there. He wanted me to have a bald kitty. Needless to say I left without getting the dang nair.....
@shadoheart I'm glad he's an ex now!
Gonna have to think REALLY hard on this one. I mean.. A lot comes to mind. 😶 I'll save the card and come back with something. lol
@LAVONYORK ahhh man that's messed up!! I have an awkward story with my dad, and my good friend. My good friend was out for dinner with my family. And we were all talking about relationships/dating etc. My dad asked my good friend if she was in a relationship, and she was at the time, so she said yes!! She explained the guy was a lot younger than her, and still in school (she was a little embarrassed about this but I was proud for her talking about it.) My dad had just learned the word "Cougar" and decided to use it for the first time, in context: "ohhhh so you are a cougar!!" he exclaimed. Her face turned bright red. I had to talk to my dad about calling people that after dinner... hahahaha
I have another one for you guys, I was on the bus with my ex boyfriend, so we happened to get off the last stop, the bus driver male, asked him.. Randomly if he can have sex with me and my ex could watch. What made me mad that my ex appeared to be okay with this random guy saying it and my ex was pretty much for it. The bus driver was smiling and I was trying to push past my ex to get off the bus but he would not move for crap.
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