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Hey guys! It is time for your daily dose of kpop memes! I hope it makes your Monday a little brighter! XD (Credit to owners!)
Thanks guys and don't forget to leave a comment below on which meme was your favorite! (Mine is the Amber one...she is so funny lol). Also, tell me if you would like to be tagged in these cards as I would love adding you guys! Love you fam~ Thunder Buddies: @JaiiPanda @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @Dianabell @Isolate @sarabear1021 @twistedpuppy @ScarletMermaid @jessicaacosta90 Tagging the memeists: @ESwee @sosoaloraine23 @MsLoyalHeart @LizaNightshade @VKookie47 @Ercurrent @resavalencia @HeichousRegalia @zzzdonk @frisky199123 @Izab3lla @sarsoosoo99 @RaquelArredondo @EmilyGardner @Kieuseru @yeniyx23 @AlyssaGelet818 @taylorthetwist @AraceliJimenez @monicacerroblan @SusiBosshammer @BAbrajan1 @SierraBecerra @bubblekookie @Shadyllamas
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I have totally mastered the skill of walking and watching my phone.
2 years agoยทReply
me saving for anything kpop related lol I be on that ramen diet ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
2 years agoยทReply
i died at ambers. that girl is the best โค
2 years agoยทReply
2 years agoยทReply
I would so move to the kpop neighborhood
2 years agoยทReply