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Noo!! My sweet bigbang boys are taking a break for a while for tops enlistment in the military!! Not my sweet bingu top!! WHY :( Just look at his face \/\/
I can't imagine him enlisted in the military! FOR THREE YEARS!! :( :"( who am I going to fan gurl over when my top bias is leaving?! explain that to me! I HAVE TO BE STRONG!! We all have to be strong!! even though the rest of the boys are going to still make music, its going to be so different without him!!!
Love you all!!!! /\/\ <3
Be strong my sweet top. Bigbang is the first group that got me into kpop and seeing them not all at once together makes me sad, but I hope when they all reunite one day they at least make a short comeback, not even a big world tour, just a simple one.
love you all <3 until that day happens I will stay strong!!!
big bang is my first kpop group too. WE GOTTA STAY STRONG😢
I hate to see TOP go... Does he HAVE to?? He's mentally five, let us keep him :(((